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Motion Engineering − Dynamics

Though Dynamics is a second-year, basic course in Mechanical Engineering, it is a tricky subject that often confounds its practitioners. Professor Owen has taught Dynamics for over 20 years in both the U.S. and in Germany. He is thus knowledgeable of its methodology and aware of its many pitfalls and logical traps. To the right you will see a sampling topics that illustrate the nature of Dynamics.

There are three methods for solving Dynamics problems−Newton's Second Law, Work/Energy, Impulse/Momentum. The last is used for solving impact problems and thus is the basis for analyzing collisions in Accident Reconstruction. Work/Energy also is used to determine speeds from skid marks and to determine pre-collision speeds from residual crush damage. More can be read about this under Accident Reconstruction.

Dynamics Textbook

To fight the high cost of textbooks, Professor Owen is currently writing his own Dynamics text, Dynamics: A Practical Approach. Click here to see an excerpt from this textbook. Updates will be provided here as this project approaches completion.