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Power Plant Engineering

Power plant engineering involves the conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy. Professor Owen has worked in the power industry as a steam turbine design engineer for General Electric and for ABB in Switzerland. He taught concepts in power plant engineering at Maine Maritime Academy. He worked as a simulation engineer for Trax Corporation Lynchburg, Virginia on the development of a steam plant simulator for Alabama Power's Miller Steam Plant. He developed the power plant simulator used for training at Maine Maritime Academy. He was also the project leader of Project Probe for American Electric Power at the James Gavin Steam Plant in Cheshire, Ohio. He has brought concepts of power plant control into his Control Systems class at California Polytechnic State University.

Power engineering is a technology close to the heart of modern civilization. Electricity is key to the development of any society, as can be seen by the corelation of the availability and use of electricity and the state of a society's economic development. Yet nowadays climate change and the rapid growth of populations and their economic development are the cause of great ecological stress on the planet. The field of power engineering is important for understanding and developing solutions for this collision between electrical demand and the availability of resources to generate electricity.

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